Application Services Provider

HealthSmart Web is a fully functional and integrated practice management system.

Medical Groups/IPAs and other managed care entities face competitive challenges that require the most effective use of capital and human resources. HealthSmartWEB offers the ability to have your business hosted on a robust, scalable platform with no major capital or human resource investments, — allowing you to dedicate your resources toward growing your business in the most effective manner.

As an expert in healthcare IT software development, consulting, and outsourcing services, HealthSmartWEB makes it possible for you to focus on business development rather than managing IT staff and infrastructure. Because we offer rapid system deployment which includes web based connectivity for your business partners, rapid custom software development (RAD), re-engineering, HIPAA implementation, and integration of legacy systems, you will have more time and capital to leverage your position in the market.

Our mission is to help you be successful by providing high quality, cost-effective technology solutions, and business process re-engineering services in the areas of medical billing, transactions processing, adjudication, and receivables management. We remove this burden from you and allow you to concentrate on other critical business practices.

  • Startup Operations
  • ASP Hosting
  • Remote Access for Primary Care Physicians 
  • IT Infrastructure and Management
  • Implementation Services
  • Outsourcing of Specific Business Processes